Cuba In A few Pictures

The Avalon 2 Mothership was a supreme floating lodge. It has the ability to carry 14 anglers, staff and all the supplies we needed for a week a at sea.

I wanted to share some photos from a world-class trip I took to Cuba this May with some people that have become very good friends of mine. This group primarily hailed out of Houston and are linked with a new store there called Gordy and Sons. I was introduced to Garrett Gordy, Baron Boyette and fellow artist Chance Yarbrough a couple years ago and have been lucky enough to be able to go on a few adventures with them. We were also lucky enough to have Eldridge Hardie join as he caught his first Permit, a 25 lb'er, pretty solid trip for him and everyone else. Here are a few of those pics, and I just wanted to share a few words for each.

Nights were spent tying flies and sipping on the local Rum choices as the nights were spent with good buddies and plenty of stories.

The vast waters and flats that we fish were the most overall pristine waters I have ever seen. I've never seen so many different hues of blue and green.


The food was all around great. Gotta get those Lobster while you can, they seem to disappear pretty quickly.


Getting a little sketching and journal action at the end of the day...with a Mojito of course.



Being in Havana really is a step back in time. I was able to get out on the day we were leaving and get a few photos. It is a beautiful city, with very unique architecture and people. I hope to go back and spend more time soaking in Havana, and I hope more people do as well as we go forward.

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