All outdoor sports have that special moment in time – whether the May tarpon migration, the deer or elk rut, a mayfly hatch, or opening day of dove season – it’s what we live for as sportsmen and women.  A flood tide is just that for fly anglers hunting redfish in the Southeast.  Defined, technically, as an abnormally large tide or the largest tide of a lunar cycle, regularly occurring on the full or new moons.  In the summer and fall, these flood tides flow into the marshes throughout the Southeast on a grandiose scale allowing redfish and other wildlife to navigate through tidal creeks and spartina grass flats in search of various prey including our favorite little fiddler crab. And like a pilgrimage on the water, we find ourselves following the same tides searching for tails, tranquility, and good times. 


Our Story begins with Paul Puckett – a leading wildlife & sporting artist – who also has an undying passion for adventure, the outdoors, and especially fly fishing.  Since opening it’s doors, Flood Tide Co. has developed a rich following around the country that has a true sense of community, embracing our avant-garde, fun-loving style of design and the quality of our apparel offering.  We'd rather be outside, enjoying the fruits of the Lowcountry, and knowing that our products help our customers to do the same or, at the very least, put them in that state of mind wherever they are.

Paul (front) & Andrew (back) catching fish & drinkin' light beer on the Mo.



We're a group of individuals grounded in adventure with an undying passion for the outdoors. While founded in fly fishing, we come from all walks of life but keep our motives simple: having a good time and live life to the fullest, while also leaving our tiny blue planet better than how we found it.  So, keep the compass pointed South; when the weather warms, the drinks are cold, and the sun rises, you'll know you've arrived.


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