Learn to Tie a Green Ghost with Chris & Kevin

Those crazy shop boys are at it again tyin' up the good stuff on their downtime! This time around, Chris & Kevin's sights are set on warmer climates and dreams of those silver shimmerin' and tailin' bonefish are dancin' around in their heads. Tag along as Chris ties up a Green Ghost fly for South Florida and Bamahas Bonefish. Not in a tying mood? Come visit Chris at the Flood Tide Co. Store on King Street to get set up with a fresh arsenal of flies.


Fly Recipe: 

-Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Hook (Size 6)
-Danville's Flat Wax Thread 210d (Chartreuse) 
-Size Small/XSmall Bead chain eyes
-Diamond Braid (Pearl)
-Bucktail (White)
-(White) Select Saddle Hackle tips

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