A Fishy Report with Whoever Went Fishing

New for the Lowcountry Journal in 2019 is A Fishy Report. We wanted to bring you a fishing report that wasn't the bore of wind direction, temperature, baits, etc. We feel like A Fishy Report should be something that makes you want to get out on the water, not feel like a math equation about fishing. We'll be bringing these ever Monday (most likely) from whoever made it on the water that weekend. They'll be from here in Charleston and all around where our friends may be fishing.




by Lawson Builder

65ºF and slick calm. Are we talking about the same Charleston? Either way, I'll take it. 

It wasn't the most beautiful December here in Charleston, SC. While we had some nice warm days, it seemed most of the month was filled with dark clouds and cold rain. And wind. Why is it always windy?

Well, Poseidon finally graced us with a few nice days here and it was time to get out and enjoy some sun on the face. I called up a good buddy, Jamie, hooked the skiff up, and found our way down to Sol Legare Boat Landing. We launched the skiff 2 hours before low tide and headed down the Stono. Unfortunately everything looked more like chocolate milk than the clear winter-time Lowcountry water. Nonetheless, we found ourselves a few schools of happy fish rolling around lazily in the muddy water. We caught a handful and decided it'd be a good day to visit the ocean-side.

We rode our way out through the Stono Inlet and popped out in front of Kiawah Island. We explored about 3-5 miles offshore, looking for birds. We found plenty...floating in the water. No birds flocking on schools of happy fish for us, but we did find something interesting. We found a couple of schools of menhaden about half a football field long each, which was extremely interesting to see in early January.

We headed back in and found a few more fish in the mud before enjoying the crisp ride back to the landing. 

All-in-all, there's not much better of a way to enjoy a Sunday.


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