The Artist's Journal: A Little Work Break

"A Little Work Break" by Paul Puckett

A couple years ago I was lucky enough to visit the Patagonia Region of Argentina where I enjoyed a stay at Patagonia River Guides lodge in Trevellin.  The fishing, accommodation and staff/guides were amazing.  The town was not that uncommon to lonely Western towns, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by friendly and curious people that are eager to share their backgrounds.  Looking back on the journey brings back such vivid and incredible memories.

Of course I went for the fishing but was offered an opportunity to go on a Quail hunt that was more about getting some work in for some of the dogs as the hunting season was nearing.  With fishing in mind, my field gear was more or less what I would call modified fishing wears.  I had some decent khaki pants that I traveled in and a shirt that was more for lodge dinners than it was for deflecting 2 inch briars and other indigenous brush.  For some reason I brought some, what we would call "Duck Boots," which in theory seem like they would be great for rocky and rough terrain walking.

I was half-ass ready for something they call Quail hunting in Argentina.  I set out with the crew of eager and positive Argentinean guides ready to get after it.  Well, my history of Quail hunting is on flat, somewhat open timbered fields that are what I would now call a cake-walk.  In Argentina, or at least where I hunted (Camera in Hand, no gun) we were climbing bluffs, crossing dried out rivers and over all getting my ass kicked while totally sweating through my clothes.  

As I was awoken to Quail hunting there, as different as it thing remained the same...the bond between the guide and the dogs.  There is nothing like watching the partnership and trust that the dogs and handlers both give each other.  This whole part of bird hunting is my favorite and why I go whenever I get a chance.  I sure as hell needed a break but the dogs definitely deserved it more.

14 x 20 Watercolor


Want to see more of Paul's work? Maybe buy a print, or two, or three? Find his work in all it's glory here.

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