Photo Commentary: Palometa Club with Some of the Flood Tide Co. Crew

Every year, Paul & Ryan make their way down with a few friends to the Yucatan to get their permit fix. In comes the Palometa Club to make dreams a reality. 


Words don't do this place justice, so enjoy a photo deluge by our friends!

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Darrell Connelly:

Photo by Darrell Connelly Photo by Darrell Connelly

Photo by Darrell Connelly

Photo by Darrell Connelly Photo by Darrell Connelly

All photos above by Darrell Connelly


Ryan Griffin:


(feat. cutouts of Porter's face)

All photos above by Ryan Griffin


Paul Puckett:

Photo by Paul Puckett

Photo by Paul Puckett Photo by Paul Puckett

And of course, Paul remembered the most important part of the trip...the Palometa Club Guides!

Photo by Paul Puckett Photo by Paul PuckettPhoto by Paul Puckett 

All photos above by Paul Puckett


If you find yourself in heading to Mexico, make sure to find your way to Punta Allen and get some fishing in at the Palometa Club!

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