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We love flies. We also love GOOD flies. We like to throw flies with weed guards made out of mono heavier than 10lbs and dumbbell eyes that don't flip over after one fish. We're looking at you giant, out-sourced fly tyers. Luckily, we're surrounded by a community of extremely talented fly fisherman and fly tyers capable of crafting some seriously beautiful flies. Our showroom is located in West Ashley. As of now, we can't pop out of the store and find anywhere within a 5-10 minute drive with decent flies. So, we decided to bring the flies to us.


Enter Robbie Powell of Bend-It Flies:

Robbie is a skilled fly fisherman and absolute ninja of the vise. On top of that, he's the first tyer offering a hand-selected, hand-tied group of 3 flies to our new Local Fly Collection. Each fly is skillfully crafted with care, include weed guards that actually work, and are ready to be thrown at all the tailing flood tide reds you'd like. 


The Flies:

The BC Crab

Robbie's premier fly. Made to grab the attention of any deep-digging red.


The Bendit Gurgler

The gurgler to end all gurglers? Dunno. You be the judge!


The Nacho Fly

We weren't filled in on the origin of the name, we just know that a redfish will slurp it up like a fat kid slurps up nachos at the state fair. 


All flies are $8 a pop and ready to be thrown at all the Lowcountry fishes. Currently available in-store only at our West Ashley showroom location.

More flies to come! Think you have the chops to tie some local flies and offer them up to the masses? Shoot us an email at info@floodtideco.com or swing by the showroom!


Find us at:

Flood Tide Co.

1727 Pineview Rd Unit C

Charleston, SC 29407

Open 9-5 M-F

(if you're lucky, you may find Puckett meandering around on a Sunday evening)


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